History of Pure VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network has become one of the essential things on the internet as it gives users remote access that helps in security and data management. One such that has made its name in the VPN services provider is PureVPN.

It was co-founded in 2007 by a Pakistani software and network specialist Uzair Gadit and GZ System Limited, a company based in Hongkong which is famous for creating Android sports applications or apps.  To date, PureVPN proved to be one of the most trusted service providers, as longevity is one of the factors of a good product.

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After its inception, the company slowly and gradually made their business serious by installing 2,000 servers. It was a signal to the competitors that they are in the game, and now it boasts of currently operating in over 185 countries. Initially, the services were limited to just services for Computers that ran on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, but it extended its services to other operating software like Android and iOS.

With the popularity of smart TVs that need the internet needs a connection to access all the content and material from websites like Netflix, Chrome TV, YouTube Tv, and Amazon Fire, etc. It helps users to have a better and secure connection, and also in some countries, some content is not made accessible to the population by the Government Agencies, so in those cases,

VPN is useful to access the content. The smart Tv must be connected to the routers, so PureVPN provides the ability to set the private connection right at the router.

It also provides users to access Torrent Sites, which sites have been blocked in many countries because of piracy and data breach. PureVPN provides the user with the option of using split tunneling, which can help to stay anonymous.

It gives the user the option to control how the data will be interpreted by the other end. It also an important feature of the one-tap stop to end all the VPN connections but still keep protecting the IP address by redirecting to the original IP. This feature is called “Kill Switch.”

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Its head office is located in Hongkong, as it is still under China, the government is strict in monitoring data. According to experts, it must not follow the VPN ban on China. The company has come under strict scrutiny from the government official, but it is still carrying on its work.

However, US agencies don’t like that fact. It’s a Chinese company as US-China ties are still in turmoil. It helped cracked the FBI’s cyberstalking cases by providing the IP address of the accused as he has used the services of PureVPN. The PureVPN is famous for its low-priced plans, faster connections, and good customer support.