All you need to know about A2 Web Hosting

A2 web hosting is basically a service that involves paying a user in order to use their servers to publish websites. You will be charged on a monthly basis and will also gain access to support other features as well. If you’re setting up a public website, you probably wouldn’t need a hosting provider.

You can peacefully use any system that is linked to the internet as your server. It isn’t easy to set up your own server, and there are many web hosting providers that use dedicated machines that offer security and better performance. A2 Hosting is one of the best hosting companies out there. Their customer service is excellent, along with a liberal refund policy. It has good speed and the security features are plentiful indeed.

Features of A2:


A2 is known for its speed. It is even mentioned on their homepage as well. Their features are designed to make your website look catchy and organized. It does not stop there; they have completely imbibed the word ‘speed’ in their pricing plan; for example, there are plans like ‘turbo’ and ‘swift.’

Customer Support:

The customer support is super friendly and efficient. They provide everything from a phone to chat and even ticket-based help. When it comes to security, you can hand down trust A2 hosting. It is very obvious that extra firewalls, layers of encryption, and scanning can sometimes slow users down, and that’s where A2’s ‘hackscan’ comes into the picture.


They are a monitoring service that scans for attacks and malware 24/7. The best thing that you could do to keep your site safe before they break out is to prevent all the unwanted issues. A2 is like a backbone to your website, and plus, their data centers are extendable.

Site Migration:

They provide a bonus of free site migration by personally moving your website to their server. Just reach out to the customer support with your account credentials, and your job is done. If you are on the turbo, lite, and swift plan, then only a single site can be moved.

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing the dedicated, managed VPS or reseller hosting, then you will get twenty-five free migrations. A2 hosting works were flawless with other content management systems. You can easily install an open cart, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento site without any developers any.

 A2 has its own website builder named  ‘site builder’ that is mainly for users who would want to customize their site without having to search all the required HTML tags from google. If you are looking forward to hosting many sites, then you don’t have to worry because A2 comes with many developer-friendly tools. They are even offering ‘anytime cash back guarantee,’ this is something that all the webmasters would look for.