Wix is one of the most popular website building platforms that allows the users to build and design their websites without learning any codes. To all the newbies out there who aren’t aware of wix need not worry at all. One could practically term ‘Wix’ as a cloud based service. It was founded in the year 2006 in Israel with over 1800 employees and 100 million users. Wix has their offices in Brazil, India, Canada, Germany, the United States, the Ukraine, Ireland and Lithuania. Wix is known for giving ‘long term’ security, thereby reducing the risks of organisation folding.

What does wix provide?

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Wix basically allows the users to design websites using an intuitive and a simple drag and drop user interface. Wix websites can be used for appointment booking, blogging, hosting online forums and etc. It also offers a free plan that allows the users to create an ad-supported simple site. The users can make use of all the five hundred wix templates, clip art, icons and images and can even add on some more apps from the wix app market. Users get a 1GB bandwidth along with 500MB storage bandwidth which will be sufficient for a new site.

What are their plans?

Moving on to the plans, the below mentioned are paid ones:

  • Combo plan- it costs around $13 per month and is mainly for personal use.
  • Unlimited plan- would cost $17 a month and comes with 10GB storage.
  • Pro plan- it costs $22 per month and gives more video hours.
  • VIP plan- costs around $39 a month and is very much similar to the pro plan with high priority user support.
  • Business basic- would cost $23 a month and is one of the cheapest plans that would facilitate e-commerce.
  • Business unlimited- similar to the business basic plan and costs around $27 per month with 35GB storage.
  • Business VIP- is known as the full suite plan and costs $35 a month.
  • Enterprise- costs $500 a month and literally offers everything.

What does wix offer for building websites?

In order to build websites, Wix offers three options and they are,

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  • Wix editor- this requires a little bit of computing skills. Wix editor gives flexibility in altering the layout but there are certain limitations.
  • ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence)- this can be used by anyone. The editing is done through a drag and drop user interface.
  • Corvid- was formerly called as wix code and allows the users to create database collections.

The SEO functionality is good and the phone support is available 24/7. It also has good support for analytics tools that provides inbuilt integration for google adwords, google analytics, Google tag manager and etc.