Advantages of Fatcow Web Hosting

FatCow is a website hosting service provider that provides complete hosting like shared hosting, VPS Servers, and WordPress Installation, etc. Apart from providing these above services, it also sells a domain address that includes Top-level domain addresses such as .org, .com, and .net.

While you can also find other domain addresses that might be suitable for a particular region or business like country code, .biz, and .info. The company was established in the year 1998 by entrepreneurs and tech gurus, which saw an opportunity to capture the market and emerge as one of the important services providers.

The company survived long enough to make its mark and is on par other web hosting services providers like HostGator and GoDaddy. It is to be noted that the company which owns BlueHost also owns FatCow. Bad handling of finance and mismanagement lead to the company being sold to Endurance International Group, and since then, the financial situation of the company has improved.

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In the starting days of FatCow, it focused solely on shared hosting, but now it started all other important features like Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. This article will explain why you need to buy hosting services from FatCow.


FatCow has been around the Webhosting business for over two decades and has seen the depth of the Webhosting industry. As it is said with age comes experience, so it is safe to say conclude that they are old fellas in the field. They are reliable and understands the need of the customer.


Pricing can be the deciding factor when choosing web hosting services because when compared to other premium price plans of Webhosting plans, FatCow provides all these features at a much cheaper rate. The base plans cost about 4 $ /monthly, which is also known as the Original FatCow Plan.

While the WordPress Hosting is on one of the fastest and cheapest in the market as the base plan costs 3.75 $ per month, and the WordPress Essential goes up to 6.95$ per month. And the dedicated hosting plans are one of the costliest plans that are listed on FatCow’s websites, with the starting price being 120$ per month.

Features & Coupons

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FatCow is known for providing all the features required in today’s market, and each plan has its own features. If you look at the basic plan i.e., The Original Plan, it provides features like Point and Click Building Tools, Application Wizard, Online Selling Tools, etc.

With the VPS plans, it comes with faster servers and storage that will provide speed and better security. It also offers coupons, Google Adwords Bonus Credits, Bing Ads Credit, and Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Services

Customer Services have become an important factor in determining if the company is good or not. FatCow has an amazing customer support team which is available 24/7 365 days.